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m afghariAKMASANAT SHOKH Company is proud to have more than eighty years of experience in the smithy and agricultural industry in the Esfahan, city of science and technology, since the beginning with the production and repair of all kinds of tillage equipment has along with the dear farmers. From the 1370s onwards, with the construction of a factory, he sought to expand his business and began specialized in the production of reversible plough. Under the management of its founder Haj Mahmoud Afghari under the trademark of AKMASANAT, which derives from Mahmoud Afghari and Sons agricultural equipment, since it had a brilliant backing and was able to provide a significant part of the market by offering quality products, This is why some profitable people with similar names and lower quality products have misused the AKMASANAT reputation, so in 2007, for their authority, they practically registered the "AKMASANAT SHOKHM" and now With an experienced staff of specialized and committed young people relying on their overall policy of being customer oriented and The country atlas is for self-sufficiency in agricultural machinery. It is in the service of the dear farmers of our Islamic Republic of Iran.
It has also taken a small step in the pride of the Islamic Republic of Iran by exporting its products to neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Tajikistan, Armenia and Georgia.
Hoping that AKMASANAT SHOKHM will be able to produce new products every day.

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map markerFactory: Isfahan, Jey Industrial Town, 1st Street

mobile iconTelephone of factory : +983135724973

map markerOffice: Isfahan, Laleh Square, Zeinabieh St

mobile iconOffice phone :  +983135670862 ، +983135670456

fax icon22Fax : +983135671226

email openEmail : info@akmasanat.com

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