m afghari

 About 80 years ago, a creaflive young man. Depends on society's agricultural demands, had started his work, in Esfahan. And soon made black smith experts so surprised. He was "haji mahmood Afghari"He had started to work as a bleak smith since he was an child.Them when the highteeh agriculfural machines started to mport to iran , he found that the famers need to be more  mechanical. So he opened a small smithy with really primary instruments, for the firt time in iran  and  then he made spare parts of importing ploughshares. After that he repaired and rebuilt. Aqricultural  instruments include plow machines, based on regional situation, to take basic steps. Whit out any doubt, he was one of the first producers of agriculfural  machines , in Isfahan and even in iran.Fortunatly, his hard works inspired it's employers to become skillful enough and open an independent work shop them selves. He is proud of his work, because, some of his assistances are now really wepp-known producers in the country.As a mather of fact. Imple mentation of this thoughly. Agricultural  policity, cause to increase national farmer's demand for these mechanical tools, so, this company decided to  produce a very streng. Well made plougshare in high amounts. It be came possible in 1381, with opening a new factory to produce the first demonding product ion due to regional situations.This is the eberhard with retrain plough share which is produced differently depend on iron regional situations and defined standards with a new trade name, Akma